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Not for attribution

“Not really” is the new “No.”  Or so I thought before running across this encyclopedic account.

While you (we) are at it (I?), consider the New Yorker cartoon by Edward Koren cited in Times Literary Supplement, 9/23/11 (but earlier in a textbook, Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering, by James L. Christian, originally published in 1973), in which the devil laments:

It’s getting much harder for me to distinguish good from evil.  All I’m certain about is what’s appropriate and inappropriate.

Quoted by Rae Langton, reviewing Terry Eagleton’s On Evil (Yale).


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Not for attribution

Lady of house is not amused when I referred to our parish church as “that neighborhood emporium of grace and salvation.” 

Another time, maybe, but I take her as Everywoman responding to my various bon mots and salvos in the cause of humor as antidote (temporary, yes, but what isn’t in our vale of tears?) to the slough of despond* that ever beckons, at least to THINKING PEOPLE.

* Not quite, if I go entirely with Bunyan.  Despondency?

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Vegans for life? Not quite

The case for not eating meat, by David Sirota, is also a case for mandatory scanning of fetus by abortion-seekers, but Sirota doesn’t make the fetus case.

One of his [11] commenters notes this: “Sirota echoes an argument from the anti-abortion folks.” He or she is answered with this: “Only if the mothers eat the fetuses.” Followed by: “first they come for the placenta…. ”

Heh-heh: having fun with the opposition, and this on the somewhat religion-oriented, firmly pacifist and other sort of leftist position-taking Truth Dig site.