Sox winning, single Polish ladies looking

With your Chi Trib update on the Sox-Indians game,

Sox Game Day: Sox, Danks hold 3-0 lead through 7

the reader gets this right below:

Fine, but where are they looking?

At the Gitmo terrorist trial, Saturday night live

This lady thinks she’s part of a bar association skit:

One of the defense lawyers, Cheryl Bormann, showed up in Muslim dress covering everything but her face and demanded the women on the prosecution team dress modestly so that our clients are not forced to not look at the prosecution for fear of committing a sin under their faith. The shameless hussies at the prosecution table were dressed in military or civilian jackets and skirts.

Shameless indeed.

Obama radical left-winger

Breitbart Latest News
Tuesday, MAY 8
The Chicago Way: Justice for Sale at Holder’s DOJ
by Wynton Hall

In an explosive Newsweek article set to rock official Washington, reporter Peter Boyer and Breitbart contributing editor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer reveal how Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are operating under a “justice for sale” strategy by forgoing criminal prosecution of Wall Street executives at big financial institutions who just so happen to be clients of the white-shoe law firms where Holder and his top DOJ lieutenants worked.

There’s more.

Even as President Barack Obama and Holder co-opt the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric of getting “tough” on the Big Banks and Big Finance, the Newsweek investigative report reveals that Eric Holder has not criminally charged or prosecuted a single top executive from any of the elite financial institutions thought responsible for the financial crash. And why would they?…

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Wheeling Jesuit’s investigated vice president leaving

J. Davitt McAteer leaving Wheeling Jesuit U.  As the ChiSox TV announcer would say, “He gone.” 

McAteer is under federal investigation for how he handled millions in NASA grants.  In 2009 he was on the inside at WJU to the extent that he was appointed, we know not by whom, acting president when the Jesuit president was fired peremptorily and mysteriously by fellow Jesuits after two years in office. 

He will be on the outside as of June 30, when his contract will be not renewed, no reason given by the current president.  In the affidavit submitted by the investigating federal agent, McAteer is said to have admitted diversion of federal funds to cover unrelated WJU expenses and been told no problem by the WJU directors.

Very sticky business.

President Beyer and “James Fleming” (thus the news story, not saying he is Rev., S.J., who as University Vice President and Chief of Staff is the highest-ranking Jesuit at WJU) take over the relevant federal programs.

(Story broken and posted at Fox by AP 8 hrs before this by Wheeling Intelligencer, based on email sent to alumni, which email is to be only announcement, said WJU spokeswoman.)

You know us, Kathleen. Not to worry.

Let not this Sebelius appearance stand for university integrity, hearing all sides, etc. 

There is no clash of ideas in the holding up of a commencement speaker for all to see, no intellectual honesty for which Jesuits et al. at Georgetown are to be praised.  Nothing like any of that.  Just politics. 

They say, We’re with you, Sebelius, you can count on us.