Fast stepping by Jesuit institution

Fast stepping by Jesuit institution

This is a very tangled web being spun at Georgetown, where HHS Secy. Sebelius, of mandate fame, has been invited to give a commencement talk . . .  no, a talk at a commencement time event . . .  no, a talk at a “tropaia” gathering, where trophies are given . . . no . . .  oh, forget it.

Georgetown is coming up with new versions of this speaking appearance of the Catholic who would make Catholic universities and hospitals offer contraceptive and morning-after abortifacient pills insurance.  It’s one accommodation after another.  That place is acting, dare we suggest it, you might say . . . jesuitical.


When the president makes a list . . .

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...
Smile, darn you, smile: President Barack Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. . . bad things happen to high-profile participants in the political process.

What did Obama say in the 2008 primary campaign in Pennsylvania, To a knife fight, bring a gun? With a Pepsodent smile, too.

Civility, anyone?

North Carolina is nice, but Hollywood has more money

$15 million is not a bad night’s work, right?

Which is to say, boosting gay pseudo-marriage helps at the Clooney house, even if it hurts in NC, where they vote against it.

Clooney Heads?
Host with the most: Clooney Heads? (Photo credit: LexnGer)

And there’s more where that came from. Gosh, it seems every time you watch a movie, you contribute to Obama.

Chicago Newspapers

Not too badly, for starters.  Consider Mayor Rahm Emanuel, late of the global office, winner of primary in one-party city, now with Fifth Floor Office on LaSalle Street, and his “pension plan.”  As elucidated by Sun-Times people Spielman and McKinney 5/9/12.

Their story shows Democrats getting the Wis. Gov. Scott Walker message.  Showing the way to fiscal sanity, Walker has emboldened the weak of heart, even in Illinois.  Ditto Wis. Congressman Paul Ryan, rashly depicted as violating Christian principles with program of austerity when quite the opposite is true.  A little child will lead them, says Scripture in another context; in this case it’s Wisconsin.

As for violating Christian or peculiarly Catholic principles, where is the rule that says you rob Peter to pay Paul over and over until all falls down and all suffer, the poor as usual more than anyone else?  Or one that…

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Let the Democrat press shenanigans begin . . . or continue on next level

Obama radical left-winger

Breitbart Latest News
Friday, MAY 11
Romney Hit Piece by Washington Post Implodes
by Ben Shapiro

Today’s unconscionable Washington Post story, which implied without evidence that Mitt Romney was a homophobic bully to one John Lauber back in his high school days five decades ago, has totally imploded.

Timed to drop the day after President Obama’s announced embrace of same-sex marriage, the story set the political world atwitter. But earlier today, Breitbart News reported that the Post had inflated witness testimony. The original Washington Post piece stated the following:



Big Hollywood

Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Announcement Timed For Tinseltown More

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