Oak Park Chronicles

I love the comments engendered by almost any Wed. Journal story of weight.  These from one about two new middle-school principals strengthen my feelings:

TJ from OP:

Too much money for these guys. I could get the same “talent” for much less.

Wondering asked:

Why are these two new guys making more than just about all the other principals in the district?

To which Sheesh, pointedly:

Why does the guy down the hall make more than me? Maybe because he’s working and I am farting around here.

[Sarcastically, with reason:] These overpaid admininstrators, we need to low ball them, after all, its only our kids that they are responsble for. Let’s get some nannnies or someone we can get for $30K.

There were other defenses of the salaries.  But there’s something about pithy, right? 

Note also, these are one-year contracts.

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