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God forgives sins?  We hear that all the time, from hundreds of preachers.  But God condemns sins and forgives sinners.  Not theology or Scriptural accuracy here (hardly) but simple (not that it’s a simple thing to achieve) clarity. 

Or the priest or lector prays for those suffering every misfortune.  No.  No one suffers every misfortune.  He wants to say any misfortune.  It’s hard to corroborate his prayer with “Lord, hear our prayer” in answer to such non-sense. 

Of course, there’s the time-honored forgive us our trespasses, isn’t there?  But forgive our trespasses we don’t say, now do we? 

Think about it.

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Two black parishes

Chi’s St. Philip Neri Parish 100 years and counting.  Jubilee Mass tomorrow, Sunday May 20, 10 a.m., Cardinal George presiding, 2132 E. 72nd St., (773) 363-1700 for more info.

Bob Keeley called about it.  He’s always calling about parishes and schools in Chi.  A holy bother, you might say.  He also put in a word for St. Elizabeth School on the black South Side, where money and supplies and building upkeep he says are in short supply.  Help, help.