Keen competition for mainstream newspapers etc.

Quick hits from the excellent Legal Insurrection. It’s one of several (dozens?) of news roundups that serve to make hard-copy dailies almost unnecessary, being usually more navigable, among other things.

  • William Jacobson: “NOT TAKING A KNEE — My interview on The Daily Signal’s podcast, “to shrink away from this challenge would be a huge mistake”
  • Kemberlee Kaye: “It’s the “summer of love“.”
  • Mary Chastain: “The St. Louis couple who drew their weapons to protect their property is now under investigation. I would think the circuit attorney would know about Missouri’s castle doctrine before spouting off against the couple.”
  • Stacey Matthews: “It was only a matter of time – sigh. -> Sioux leaders call for Mount Rushmore to be ‘removed’, reports The Blaze.”
  • Leslie Eastman: “In April 2018, we reported that investigators looking into the case of the “Golden State Killer,” believed responsible for 12 murders and 51 rapes carried out throughout California during the ’70s and ’80s, had a breakthrough. New DNA testing helped lead to the identification of a 72-year old Joseph DeAngelo as a potential suspect.  Over two years later, DeAngelo has pleaded guilty to 26 kidnapping and murder charges.”
  • David Gerstman: “I have not read the article, but according to a tweet, Axios reported that according to “sources,” President Trump said that he regrets taking son-in-law Jared Kushner’s advice on various policies and will now stick to his own instincts. Frankly, I’m suspicious of this story. It sounds an awful like a recent installment of Operation Demoralize, casting the president as despairing of reelection. As Prof Jacobson reminds us, “It happens every national election. This time it’s early, only June. The media swarms and lies. Tells you it’s over, wants you to give up.””

Another thing: these roundups also compete with the ubiquitous Twitter, which in addition to being a censorious publisher, requires a mind accustomed to clutter and mesmerizing disorganization, which I for one have enough of in my life, thank you.

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