So some statues are torn down. So what? The Venezual model. Marxist strategy. Al Sharpton-sponsored Black Lives M. demo: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”


“Why do I even worry about some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing?” asked Elizabeth Rogliani, who lived through Venezuela’s transition to communism.

“[W]hen I was living in Venezuela. Statues came down — Chavez didn’t want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names. Then came the [school curricula]. Then some movies couldn’t be shown, then certain TV channels, and so on and so forth….

“We didn’t believe it could happen to us. Most Venezuelans — Cubans warned us — and we were like, ‘This is Venezuela, we know about freedom. That’s not going to happen here.’ Yet it happened. And there are literally a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.”

Who’s doing this to us?

Two movements have been active in the violence. One is Antifa, which has been called “a revolutionary Marxist/anarchist militia movement that seeks to bring down the United States by means of violence and intimidation.” Antifa, although it claims to be antifascist, behaves in a fascistic way.

The other movement, Black Lives Matter, was founded in 2013 by three black womenAlicia GarzaOpal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors. Cullors declared that she and Garza are “trained Marxists”. The Black Lives Matter founding manifesto, published in 2016 (then removed from BLM website), describes the United States as a “corrupt democracy originally built on Indigenous genocide and chattel slavery” that “continues to thrive on the brutal exploitation of people of color” and that perpetuates “the ugly American traditions of patriarchy, classism, racism, and militarism”. In December 2014, a slogan at a Black Lives Matter demonstration organized by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, was: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

How they doing?

If Antifa is widely rejected, Black Lives Matter is not. Its name has become a slogan on walls, storefronts and restaurants. The posters state: “No justice, no peace.”

There are widespread calls for defunding or abolishing the police. The city council of Minneapolis in fact voted on June 6 to disband its police force. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio cut $1 billion from New York City’s $6 billion police budget. At least six other cities have also slashed police budgets.

They’re getting somewhere, aren’t they?

And moving ahead on thought control:

What seems to be trying to gain more influence is a wish — born before the riots — to rewrite the history of the United States. The New York Times, for instance, on August, 14, 2019, launched “The 1619 Project“. Its author, Nikole Hannah Jones, wrote that the United States had been founded on slavery and is therefore — presumably still — guilty of “structural racism.”

Prominent historians Gordon Stewart Wood, recipient of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for History, and James M. McPherson, former president of the American Historical Association, noted that the 1619 Project is based on “misleading and historically inaccurate claims”.

Oh. Beside the point. Accuracy is what the Times says it is.

And Hillary’s 2016 running mate is all aboard.

On June 17, Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia, laughably said that the United States had “created slavery”.

Lots more here, via A Will to Overthrow the United States

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