Oak Park & River Forest High School says so long to zero tolerance — to improve “racial climate”

We don’t want no stinkin’ behavior code — sounds too restrictive. A behavior plan, that’s what we want. We can live with that!

There will be major changes in store for students and adults whenever they return to the classrooms and hallways of Oak Park and River Forest High School — particularly on how students are disciplined. But despite the District 200 administration’s overhauls, school board members are still not wholly convinced they will be enough to change OPRF’s longstanding culture of racism and inequity.

The most significant change involves the Student Code of Conduct. Starting this fall, it will have a new name — the Behavior Education Plan. The D200 school board approved the new plan at a special meeting on June 16.

Still there are worries that “the changes sufficiently addressed the biggest impediment to radically changing OPRF’s racial climate — the behaviors of the adults in the building.”

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