Regulations abound these days, busybodies get busy. . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

An English priest was caught violating one reg for the sake of another, and someone ratted on him in The Tablet, a liberal Catholic magazine  . . .

One of the concerns of [secular] Governments and [church] Hierarchies making regulations about public worship during this pandemic is, absolutely rightly, to discourage people from projecting potentially infected particles from their mouths in the direction of congregations. Medical opinion still seems uneasily uncertain about how far such projection might reach and how effective masks really are.

Behold a possible dilemma, projecting in worshipers’ direction by saying mass facing them, for which he apparently did not have permission.

Father has been very careful about this. [So he took] the immensely sensible form of celebrating ad Orientem [facing in the same direction as they, apparently without special church permission].

At a time when, unhappily, there are still some priests who, despite…

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