Officer Friendly, blank you!

Call or call out the police?

Oak Park Chronicles

Having a cop in school:

Dear Oak Park and River Forest,

Another day, another — what? Comings and goings, nothing grand. Clouds on the horizon, last night got stuffy, as July nights do.

Meanwhile, I see that Officer Friendly is on his way to being defunded by at least two school boards. After 21 years. It’s their right, if not their duty, to do so. But let it be known, sure as shootin’ there will be a spike in classroom crime – cheating on tests, copying homework, passing notes, making faces behind teacher’s back, who knows what else? It’s gonna be “Officer Friendly, [blank] you!” time, right out of “West Side Story.”

So it goes. But the casual observer has to wonder. . . .

Wed. Journal of Oak Park and River Forest has it . . .

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