Sweden: The One Chart That Matters | Zero Hedge

Look. All I used to know, I read in the papers. Then they became biased and even unreliable, ignoring some important stories and featuring some either (a) not very important or (b) one-sided. So. What about Sweden and the coronavirus? How’s this for a start?

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to drag on in the United States, it???s largely over in Sweden where fatalities have dropped to no more than 2 deaths per day for the last week.

You jest. I don’ belief you. What the . . . ?

Sweden has been harshly criticized in the media for not imposing draconian lockdowns like the United States and the other European countries. Instead, Sweden implemented a policy that was both conventional and sensible.

They recommended that people maintain a safe distance between each other and they banned gatherings of 50 people or more. They also asked their elderly citizens to isolate themselves and to avoid interacting with other people as much as possible. Other than that, Swedes were encouraged to work, exercise and get on with their lives as they would normally even though the world was still in the throes of a global pandemic.

Conventional and sensible.

The secret of Sweden???s success is that its experts settled on a strategy that was realistic, sustainable and science-based. The intention was never to ???fight??? the virus which is among the most contagious infections in the last century, but to protect the old and vulnerable while allowing the young, low-risk people to circulate, contract the virus, and develop the antibodies they???d need to fight similar pathogens in the future. It???s clear now that that was the best approach. And while Sweden could still experience sporadic outbreaks that might kill another 2 to 300 people, any recurrence of the infection in the Fall or Winter will not be a dreaded ???Second Wave???, but a much weaker flu-like event that will not overwhelm the public health system or kill thousands of people.

They didn’t panic. The media did. Got “particularly vicious in their criticism.”?? Sweden???s approach, they said, was too “relaxed.???

Recent headlines:

?????? Sweden becomes an example of how not to handle COVID-19, CBS News

?????? Lack of Lockdown Increased COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden, U of V Newsroom

?????? Sweden Has Become the World???s Cautionary Tale, New York Times

?????? Sweden Stayed Open And More People Died Of Covid-19, But The Real Reason May Be Something Darker, Forbes

?????? Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19. Don???t do what we did. It???s not working. USA Today

?????? Sweden???s coronavirus death toll is now approaching zero, but experts are warning others not to hail it as a success, Business Insider

?????? Lack of COVID-19 Lockdown Increased Deaths in Sweden, Analysis Conclude, Virginia edu

?????? Sweden COVID-19 Deaths Linked to Failure to Lockdown as Country Prepares for Second Wave, Newsweek

?????? Sweden Tries Out a New Status: Pariah State, New York Times

No wonder its success is almost unknown.

As you can see, the media has taken a very hard line with Sweden. But, why? What has Sweden done that has provoked such a hostile response?

Nothing, really, they???ve just shrugged off the repressive stay-at-home orders and pursued their own independent policy. The Swedish approach stands in stark contrast to the lock-downs which are costly, ineffective and socially damaging. Here???s an excerpt from an article at The Evening Standard that underscores these very points:

???Lockdowns made little difference to the number of people who have died from coronavirus, a study has claimed. Researchers from the University of Toronto and University of Texas found that whether a country was locked down or not was ???not associated??? with the Covid-19 death rate.

This is heresy in today’s market, of course. Dr. Fauci would point the fingerbone of scorn.


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