Jesse Jr. on Obama as black leader

Congr. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D) on Don & Roma this morning (WLS-AM) presents the Obama campaign as engine of black empowerment, citing 400,000 unregistered black voters in S. Carolina and another 400G+ in Florida and counting on black identification with O.  SC, “historically red,” will become blue, he expects, benefiting Dems in process of arousing (coralling) black electorate.  Having his father’s worldview a la 60s activism, he sees this as a movement, even when it’s politics.

He’s still his father’s son in another respect, mangling the language with such solecisms as being careful not to enter “delicate waters” and noting the impulse to “lob Howitzers” at one’s political opponent.  He’s had top-drawer exclusive Eastern prep school education but still uses words as ideograms or Rorschach blots, sounding genteely ignorant as he does it.

Those delicate waters recall the ladies repairing to Bath for bodily restoration in the 19th century.  As for lobbing a Howitzer, that’s Incredible Hulk stuff.  Can’t be done.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Jr. on Obama as black leader

  1. It is sad that Jesse Jackson, Jr., despite all of his advantages as a black America, is reverting to the throw back politics of his dad. I thought blacks were positivetly establishing themselves in all areas of American society and in business due to their own efforts. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has not furthered the cause of his black brothers with his rhetoric. Aren’t blacks Americans? Can’t they think? Yet the son of Jesse Jackson is counting on blacks to vote in lock step for Obama because of common skin color. This sounds racist to me!

    I admit to not having heard Jesse Jackson, Jr. on Don and Roma this morning. Hearing he was going to be on, I chose not to llisten.


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