Mack the knife coming to town?

“Who is the real Dean Singleton?” asked The Columbia Journalism Review in 2003 about the man named by Crain’s Chicago Business as top dog on a company heard as possible buyer of the Sun-Times.

Is he a mass murderer of newspapers, or is he a man whose hardheaded pragmatism has enabled him, in a difficult period for the industry, to preserve many more newspaper jobs than he has eliminated?

S-T business editor Dan Miller is not waiting to find out.  He resigned today “before he becomes a casualty of pending staff cuts,” reported Crain’s.

Singleton’s Media News Group is not interested in buying S-T, they told Crain’s.

Among those nailing Singleton for the Columbia review article was former Chi Trib editor James Squires, who called him a “bone-picker publisher . . . who can wring blood from a turnip.”

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