He will help us find ourselves?

New head man for Jesuits has non-Western tilt?

It’s been 46 years since Father Adolfo Nicolás first traveled to Japan as a missionary from Spain. His has been a long conversation, first in Japan, but also in Korea and more recently in the Philippines. It’s left him convinced that the West does not have a monopoly on meaning and spirituality, and can learn a lot from the experience of Asian cultures.

He’s Spanish-born Adolfo Nicolas,

ordained in Tokyo in 1967 and spent most of his career in the Far East – directing a pastoral institute in Manila, in the Philippines, and holding leadership positions in Japan.

Let us not rush to judgment, but let us confess our bias toward Western values and suspicion of those who lean East.

One thought on “He will help us find ourselves?

  1. I agree. I think it is one of the known dangers for missionaries; they can go “native.”

    The Church has always looked for the authentically good aspects of cultures to adapt to Christianity; it’s entirely another matter when the missionary begins to think that the local culture has more to teach than his own spiritual tradition. It sounds like the head of the Jesuits in Asia has lost his faith. That seems to be true of the whole order, with a few heroic exceptions.


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