Newspapers just fade away

Reader Margaret in response to my saying I go to Instapundit, Drudge, and one or two other ‘net sources “rather than my old reliable morning Trib or Sun-Times” — it’s how her household dropped Chi Trib:

Ditto — the Internet is always timely, self-correcting and if one is choosy about which blogs to visit, not Left-leaning or outright lying by shading the wording, delivery, or amount of news provided. 
During the 2000 election, when Drudge was providing links to the AP and Reuters, my husband and I would notice that the exculpatory last paragraph that both had to add to their sensational and twisted main stories (in order to maintain their claim to full coverage of events) would be copied at the Tribune with the last paragraph missing.  Regular readers did not get the part that unraveled the whole piece of slanted journalism. 
It happened over and over until we decided that we couldn’t support the paper any more.  The faster they die, the happier I’ll be.  Of course, then we will be a society depending on two entirely different sources of information, conservative vs progressive blogs.  If we are divided now, think of what that will mean?

One thought on “Newspapers just fade away

  1. I suppose as long as there are Eagle Scouts and people dying, there will still be a need for the local newspaper – I stopped subscribing to the LA Times years ago and only get the local paper to check up on my friends and neighbors and local sales. I get my hard news from a variety of internet sources.


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