Oak Park MD off to do abortions in Wichita

She is Cheryl Chastine, currently practicing at Total Wellness Inc., 917 S. Oak Park Ave. She is to “provide abortions at South Wind Womens Center, a proposed new abortion clinic located in George Tillers former abortion building on East Kellogg,” says Operation Rescue.

Highly suspicious, they say:

In what appears to be a bait and switch tactic, Chastine has filed to open a Professional Association under the name Wichita Medical Center at the same address as the proposed South Wind Womens Center, operated by former Tiller lobbyist Julie Burkhart, who has no medical license or training.

Kansas law requires that clinics that provide medical services be owned by licensed providers. (K.S.A. 17-2706)

It appears that there will be a public name for clinic and a secret name under which Chastine and perhaps others will operate, said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. This raises legal questions that we are now exploring. The whole thing is less than above board, to say the least.

Chastine would commute to Wichita, continuing her non-abortion practice in Oak Park, according to Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group.

Jesuit pope no singa the mass

Of course not. Jesuits don’t sing:

The spokesman recently joked that there was a saying about Jesuits, that a Jesuit “‘nec rubricat, nec cantat,’ meaning Jesuits are famed for not being enthusiastic about liturgical song or experts in detailed liturgical rubrics.”

Yes. “As confused as a Jesuit in Holy Week” was another saying, Holy Week being a time of complicated and extended worship services.

Sneed’s ms. as good as a smile

Michael Sneed, female columnist, tells NY archdiocese p.r. man to “check [his] facts” after he refers to her as Mister Sneed.

She had suggested NY Cardinal Dolan had simply copied the pope when he visited prisoners.

The p.r. man said it’s been standard practice for Card. Dolan.

“Check your facts,” said Ms. Sneed, attempting to make silk purse out of sow’s ear, that is, her jumping to a cute conclusion.