Bill Cameron 4/22/13

WLS Sunday 4/21/13, 7 a.m., newsman Bill Cameron with Eric, Lynn, Greg, Ray. Old hands all. On coverage of anti-gunners being sparse bec. of “liberal bias” mentioned by Bill C, Lynn Sweet says “newsworthy” anti-gunners get coverage.

Oh Lynn, the captive of newsworthiness — as determined by whom? Her and other staunch liberals. Poor thing.

She speaks From the Cocoon, driven by events, it’s not her fault.

As for immigration “reform,” Cameron refers to Mayor E’s (in)famous not letting crisis go to waste, asks, so we can expect anti-reformers to make hay of the Marathon Murders done by immigrants? Ah yes, he means as Sandy Hook was not wasted by gun controllers?

Nonetheless, Cameron on Sundays is a good choice. He brings things up, does a bit of eye-poking to the likes of Sweet, who rarely has that happen.