Maybe It’s Time For Modern Science To Back Off | Taking A Second Look

Maybe It’s Time For Modern Science To Back Off | Taking A Second Look.

A neatly stated case vs. cross-fertilization run wild.

Lets begin with the indisputable fact that modern science — especially in the fields of medicine and communication — has been a boon to mankind. But sometimes boon becomes bust when you overplay your hand. I think some of our scientists have. Especially when they start crowding such equally distinguished fields like Religion and the Humanities.


Getting religion changed Tamerlan’s life

It happened during a rough spot for him as a failed boxer, among other things, per Wall St. Journal. At his mother’s urging, he got very serious about being a Muslim.

During this turmoil, his mother [then living in the
U.S.] encouraged him to turn to Islam. “I told Tamerlan [Tsarnaeva, the dead
marathon brother] that we are Muslim, and we are not practicing our religion, and how can we call ourselves Muslims?” Mrs. Tsarnaeva said. “And that’s how Tamerlan started reading about Islam, and he started praying, and he got more and more and more into his religion.”

Relatives and friends say they saw a shift in the young man. Neighbors noticed that the parties stopped. “I’m telling you, something turned,” said Mr. Vasquez. “And it was dramatic.”

Tamerlan wasn’t the only Tsarnaev who was changing. His mother grew more religious alongside him. She quit her job at the spa and started doing facials in her home, saying she didn’t want to work on men. “I started reading and started learning, I started reading with my Tamerlan,” Mrs. Tsarnaeva said.

Her sister-in-law, Maret, said she was startled by the transformation. She recalled having a Skype conversation with Anzor, while he was in Makhachkala, and spotting Zubeidat in the background covered in a veil. “We’re not used to seeing her like that because she used to wear high heels and a low dress,” Maret said.

He got religion and went overboard. Major religion story here.

Down goes the liquor commissioner barrier

Oak Park Chronicles

Don Harmon to the rescue.

With amendment to existing law:

1934 Liquor Control Act established that suburban mayors or presidents would also serve as local liquor control commissioner, and to avoid conflicts of interest they could not hold liquor licenses in the communities that elected them.

The General Assembly amended the law last year to exempt communities of 50,000 or less and provide for delegation of liquor commissioner duties to another official in such cases. With Oak Park’s current populationat about 52,000, the Harmon amendment would slightly increase the exemption so it would apply to communities of 55,000 or less.

Doing so would allow Abu-Taleb to keep his liquor license for Maya del Sol and direct the other members of the Village Board to appoint a replacement liquor commissioner.

The amendment passed the senate 47-3 April 18, will go to the House in “a couple weeks,” reports Patch.

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