Corporate lackeys, look out

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Some noteworthy comments in the wake of the Abu-Taleb victory:

1. The lackey problem (a bit on the bizzaro side):

Corporate VMA

Posted: April 9th, 2013 10:17 PM

You still have two administrative level bankers, and a corporate attorney at the helm of Oak Park. Until you get rid of the rest of the corporate lackeys, I’m afraid you have not won.

2. The good-guy approach:

[Trustee] Ray Johnson from Oak Park, Illinois2_17_13_2_1_20x20-3B5998.png Facebook Verified Posted: April 9th, 2013 10:09 PM

We’ve all benefited from John Hedges years of service and I thank him for all he has done. Congratulations to Anan and his team. We now move forward together with a spirit of cooperation focused on common ground and the needs of all residents. We have lots to do and I’m as committed as ever.

3. Ditto:

John Butch Murtagh from Oak Park, Illinois2_17_13_2_1_20x20-3B5998.png Facebook Verified

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Hedges coulda been president . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

. . . if he’d run, say ten years ago, or 15 or 20, before people got tired of the same-old, same-old at Village Hall.

or . . .

. . . if no smart, able campaigner-restaurateur had not surfaced to challenge him.

or . . .

. . . if Oak Park demographics had not changed from super-idealistic to limited-pragmatic-with-view-to-making-our-utopia-work-better-than-before.

or . . . (fill in the blanks) . . .

A fascinating exercise, no?

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Why Bowman deleted two posts . . .

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. . . and should have left one of them there. An explanation to readers:

The first post, “Anti-Anan column raises issue from the dead?” shoulda, coulda been left there. In it Bowman called attn. to Jon Hale’s “One View” column which called attn. to now-president-elect Anan Abu-Taleb’s tax conviction and subsequent clemency reception.

News factor was employment by the opposition of what I likened to a “last-minute flyer on the doorstep.” So it might have stayed online, whence I evicted it, as those who punched the link that led nowhere know too well. Sorry.

The second, “Hale for ‘underdog’ Hedges in e-blast,” began to look like what I’d depicted unfavorably in the first one, too much of the last-minute flyer, not enough of news fit to print, as a well known newspaper used to say of what it offered. Not sorry. (Another great publication changed that, puckishly…

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Taking off on Easter . . .

Not for attribution

. . . and ending with announcement of new cloud drives. Great sell copy.

This year’s ersatz World Backup Day holiday coincides with a real one, Easter, and, while you could make analogies about resurrecting your data, the holiday the event’s organizers want to focus on is the one that comes a day later: April Fool’s Day: If you’re not backed up, there’s a chance you could end up looking like a fool.


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