Voting early . . .

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. . . not often.

Showed up with my voter i-d card, thinking to make a point — I need i-d for driver’s license, not for voting? Oh? But one of the table people knew me, so I could only say I had it ready.

Woman shook head. Not needed, she said, which I knew. You’d take my word for it, I said, but point was lost as the long-time regular who knew me pulled my page up and pushed it across for my John Hancock.

Hey, it’s nice to be known, and no one in the village or out of it had an easier time of casting a vote.

7:30 or so it was. 20 to 22% expected, I was told. Not much.

Side note: the “next” button on the machine page, bottom right, was reluctant to respond, like the one at the library for taking a…

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Comment last night by R. Milstein about J. Hale

Oak Park Chronicles

Robert Milstein from Oak Park
Posted: April 8th, 2013 6:59 PM[scroll

We received an an email blast by Mr. Hale accusing Anan of misdeeds 23 years ago? Hedges publically said that it has no bearing on the election. He accepted Anan’s explanations and even the Journal walked past any inkling of a problem.

But sleeze rises to the top and Hale appears to be the new VMA hatchet man. Striking at the last moment like a true coward, John sought to besmirch a man running an honest, transparent campaign. Voters in OP are not stupid, they will see thru John and vote Anan

I would say so.

And would add that the 5/5/09 Wed Jnl piece by Ben Myers takes apart the Sun-Times piece on which Hale rests his case, in which case-resting Hale betrays at best a naive approach.

For instance:

The director of Northwestern University’s Center…

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