Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Pay special attention to “What We Want to Impart to our Students” below:

Loyola Jesuit College is part of the worldwide family of schools run by the Society of Jesus. With them, it shares a common vision and philosophy derived from the writings of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola. . . . .

The Mission Statement and other contents of this website which flow from it are our attempt to be both authentically Jesuit and relevant to the Nigerian society that we serve. [Italics added] Loyola Jesuit College is a coeducational secondary school in the classical tradition. . . .

What We Want to Impart to our Students

Ethical standards and moral courage
Respect and empathy for all fellow human beings
Self-reliance, discipline and healthy ambition
Desire to be competent “men and women for others”

Intellectual curiosity: the ability to think critically…

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