A Jesuit high school in Nigeria

Pay special attention to “What We Want to Impart to our Students” below:

Loyola Jesuit College is part of the worldwide family of schools run by the Society of Jesus. With them, it shares a common vision and philosophy derived from the writings of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola. . . . .

The Mission Statement and other contents of this website which flow from it are our attempt to be both authentically Jesuit and relevant to the Nigerian society that we serve. [Italics added] Loyola Jesuit College is a coeducational secondary school in the classical tradition. . . .

What We Want to Impart to our Students

Ethical standards and moral courage
Respect and empathy for all fellow human beings
Self-reliance, discipline and healthy ambition
Desire to be competent “men and women for others”

Intellectual curiosity: the ability to think critically, creatively and independently
Ability to communicate effectively
Sensitivity to and appreciation of the broad range of intellectual fields
Desire to pursue higher education

Personal Attributes and Attitudes
Reverence for God and a sense of the sacred
Sense of purpose; desire to develop personal potential
Leadership, cooperation, responsibility, accountability
Loyalty to family, friends and school and homeland
Sensitivity to the differences and needs of others
Good manners
Good sportsmanship in all forms of competition
Respect for the natural world
Respect for school and home community
Understanding of the democratic system

Loyola Jesuit College Honour Code:

I will not lie, cheat or steal;I will respect my own physical and spiritual integrity as well as that of each person in the College, and that of the College itself.

Somehow this seems adapted also to the American society which Jesuits serve.

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