Shame on you, said Neitsche, said the preacher

Not for attribution

Father socked it to us dryly this a.m., 8 of the clock, inspiring/shaming us into being better Catholics with a citation from, God save the mark, Nietzsche! How many other RC pulpits rang this morning with that name? Not many.

Nietzsche said he couldn’t be a Christian because Christians weren’t. Ah. They fell off the mark. Therefore, decided the eminent philosopher, he would not be one.

Lesson: Be a Christian, fellow! Or get out of this church!

On the other hand, from Catholic Answers via Big Pulpit, we have this from The Imperfections of the Saints:

If I was to compile a list to be titled Common Catholic Misconceptions of the Catholic Faith, near the top of the list would have to be this Catholic misconception about the nature of sanctity:

The saints are to be considered perfect in their earthly lives, to such an extent that all that…

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