High and low spots in the Anan-Hedges campaign ending tomorrow

Oak Park Chronicles

From the (Ballad of the) Buzz Cafe, March 14:

 “The experience on the board today, a lot of it is really theoretical, and almost like an academic experiment at times.  . . .

Buzz Cafe owner and forum host Laura Maychruck, holding up seven cards on which audience members had written questions: “There’s a lot of outrage on these cards” — about lack of economic development effort by the village and the problems business owners have in dealing with the village. . . .

Collette Lueck, running unopposed for reelection as a trustee: “I don’t know what the outrage is about. . . .

From the Chamber of Commerce forum March 19:

John Hedges to Anan about his lack of civic involvement:

“You’ve lived here 22 years,” he said, raising his voice. “Where have you been? The rest of us have been working hard. . . .

“I live these…

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